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This web site is dedicated to the preservation of the spirit of Tang poetry.

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Endless Yearning - I
by Li Bai

Strong is the yearning
To return to Chang An
Now that the grasshoppers
With their mournful autumnal calls
Are perched on the rim of the well
And a thin lattice of frost
Extends across the lawn
Like a delicate veil

Under the dim light
Of a flickering candle
I heave a long heavy sigh
And roll up the curtain
To gaze at the pendant moon
Heavy like a flower in full bloom
Against the backdrop of a cloudy night sky

Above Heaven billows
With dark mystery
While below the clear waters
Flow in great waves
Long is the road to Heaven
And great is the distance
A soul must journey
Flying to painful heights
Even in dreams only arriving
After enduring much hardship

So strong is the yearning
It pierces my heart

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